Charlene Neal-Keitt was born in Greensboro, NC and is the mother of one son. Prior to being called into the ministry, and with prayers from her spiritual overseer, Pastor Michael Thomas of Love and Faith Christian Fellowship, Minister Neal-Keitt serves as a traveling minister, teaching and preaching the word of God. She also strives to encourage those through her noon day Teleconference line, Facebook Live and through You Tube. After much prayer, Minister Charlene Neal-Keitt know that God is calling her to travel locally, nationally, and internationally as well as through 2-day conference the second week in September annually, as well as by invitation

In addition, Charlene Neal-Keitt has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Counseling and Bible theology and she provides Life Building Skills for adults and the youth through Zoom and in person. For more information go to:

Last, she has served as the host of her show entitled Matters of The Heart where her goal was and still is to break down the spirit of religion and build relationships. Although, she is not doing this show presently, she hopes to encourage the youth who connect with this ministry to keep the vision going.

Thank you for viewing our website and God bless!

Love, Minister Charlene Neal Keitt