"To implement life skill building tools, individually and collectively"

Learning the skills you need to becoming whole: Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually is the key to success!

One on One Life Skill Sessions

We offer at this time, virtual sessions.
One on One Life Skill Building Counseling Sessions.
Please view the video below of expectations

A Journey Into Wholeness Life Skill Building Counseling is designed to assist in the capacity of implementing Life skills building tools individually and through workshops. We do this first my implementing knowledge as it relates to the issue or issues. We help the individual identify what goals they hope to achieve, and we create a plan of action to assist with accomplishing their goals. A Journey Into Wholeness Life Skill Building Counseling Services strives to walk with the individual collectively and individually to ensure that they feel empowered in areas of their lives that demonstrates wholeness: Mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Below are the process steps.

  1. If interested in one on one counseling, please contact me from the contact form.
  2. After form is submitted, someone will contact you for additional details.
  3. Sessions are held on weekdays from 9:00am – 6:00pm in 45 minute increments.
  4. Client and Counselor agrees to a schedule.
  5. After schedule has been agreed, invoice will be sent to client.
  6. Non-Members $25.00 per session. 
  7. Client and Counselor to meet on set time and date.

The Topics that we discuss are:

Self Control:

  • Self-Esteem Issues/ Ways to build your self esteem
  • Anger management/ Anxiety
  • Peer Pressure/ Building Healthy Relationships
  • Communication Issues/ Better ways of communicating


  • Case Studies
  • Role Playing
  • Scenario’s
  • Encouragement Speakers

Goal Setting:

  • Plan of Action
  • Identify what the client hopes to achieve and list the goals.
  • Develop the steps to achieve his/her goals.
  • Start the Process.