Charlene Neal Keitt

A Journey Into Wholeness II

 is a continuation of Charlene’s Journey of how she overcame deep-rooted issues of abuse, abandonment, rejection and now after finishing her degree in Counseling/Bible Theology as well as her show, Matters of the Heart, she, is able to help others to know they too can walk in their over-comer status.

She would like to tell how through her relationship with God and direction

 of the Holy Spirit, she has been taught that no matter how the spirit of religious folks may hurt you, God can turn your tragedy into triumph. She shares with you in Journey Into Wholeness II  how this walk with Jesus Christ is not about religion at all but how he desires to build a relationship with you. Furthermore, she desires to share her story all over the world of how God strategically showed her how he takes the natural things in life and relates it back to the spiritual. The Bible states, “We are born in our mother’s womb in iniquity”(Psalm 51:5). Meaning sin. Therefore, sin abounds in each and everyone of us initially. However, when we get to know who Jesus Christ is personally, he will take us on our own Journey that will lead to our purpose and destiny in life. Charlene believes that it’s time for you to walk into your Journey into wholeness.